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Information about proper auto glass replacement in New Jersey

Information about proper auto glass replacement in New Jersey


Auto glass, especially the windshield, has become an important part of the safety envelop in your vehicle. Proper auto glass replacement is important to maintain the structural integrity and safety features of the vehicle

The windshield provides a significant amount of strength to the structural support in the cabin of the vehicle. For instance, in a front end collision the windshield provides up to 45% of the structural integrity of the cabin of the vehicle and in a rollover, up to 60%.

Think about that for just a moment. How would you like for over half of the force of a collision to be absorbed by YOU because your windshield flew out in an accident? It happens more times than most of us are aware.

The windshield is an integral part of the safety restraint system in your car. It keeps the roof from crushing in on you in a rollover, it allows the airbags to deploy in the correct position to cushion passengers, and prevents you and your family from being ejected in a serious collision. It’s important to your family’s safety that the auto glass in your vehicle be installed properly.

“Improperly installed windshields are a much bigger safety issue than most people think.  It is important that we get the word out to consumers that they need to ask a lot of questions to make sure their car’s windshield is replaced properly. 

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